How to update Kernel in SAP?

Jun 17

Dear Readers,

This guide is going to explain the steps required to update the Kernel version of an ABAP instance of a standalone server.

First of all, you need to download the latest version of your kernel (independent & database parts) from SAP Marketplace. You can find it here, Support Packages and Patches –> A-Z Index –> “K”, and download the appropriate version depending on whether your system is 64 or 32bit, or unicode or non unicode.

1.- Copy the .SAR files and unzip them with sapcar in the same folder called “Kernel version”, and copy it to the SAP Kernel’s directory (/usr/sap/<SID>/DVEBMGSXX/exe/run/uc/NT*). It might vary whether it is UC or NUC.

2.- Stop SAP.

3.- Copy your current kernel to a new folder named “New Kernel”

4.- Copy the contents of the folder “Kernel version” to “New Kernel” and overwrite.

5.- Rename the name of your current Kernel to “Old Kernel”

6.- Rename the folder “New Kernel” to the name of your current Kernel.

7.- Start SAP.

You can open a CMD and write “disp+work” to see whether or not you have the correct version.

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